Welcome to QD

Welcome to QD Academy

Welcome to QD Academy, and thank you very much for visiting www.qdacademy.org, which is designed to give you an idea of what we can offer and what students’ life is like at QD Academy.

After school hours is a critical time for young students. QD Academy (达福中文学校) was established in response to the needs of many working parents who wish their children to not only have a safe place to stay after school, but also have an opportunity to learn more and better. Since its founding, QD Academy has been consistently successful in helping children in improving their academic performance, personality, and social skills.

At QD Academy, students will receive assistance to complete school homework, deepen understanding of what they have learned at regular school, promote problem solving skills, and enhance performance in academics. In our school, each student is valued as an individual with unique needs, talents and learning styles. We make great efforts to encourage all students to challenge their own academic ability, use such teaching methods and techniques as best adopted to each student and help him or her to achieve their own full potential.

While we help students with strong academic emphasis on regular core subjects such as Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies, and Chinese, we also make other efforts and do what we can to help students in growing into well-rounded individuals. We offer many optional classes to help students extend knowledge base, improve other skills, grow healthily and develop in their areas of interest.

We have a good balance of academics and extracurricular activities. The Activities we organize for children give students opportunity to demonstrate their talents, promote communication skills, learn Chinese language and culture and help students to build and raise self esteem and self confidence. From our website, you can find some reports and pictures on some of our fun-filled and instructive activities, like the Moon Festival Poem Recital, Thanksgiving Presentation of QD Academy Students, and Chinese New Year Fun Fair at QD Academy.

QD Academy has the best after-school campus in Dallas area with, clean and bright classrooms, standard-sized basketball court, beautiful performance hall, gym housing more than ten regulation table tennis tables.

As one of our programs, the QD Academy Table Tennis Club especially gleans success: QD players have won championships in levels ranging from local to national.

QD Academy is the perfect balance between academic and nurturing environments, propping it to be the best Chinese school in the Dallas area.

We want to take this opportunity to thank all of our students for their hard work and great success. And thank our teachers and staff for their working enthusiasm, tremendous responsibility and professional service. Parents play a very important role in the success of their children and our school.  The parental support is very precious to us. Let’s work together in bringing your children and our school to a new level of success.

As always, at QD, quality education service is provided by our dedicated management team and teaching staff.

QD Academy Partners

QD Academy works with local partners to provide more programs to our students:

Wize Academy

Wize Academy provides Lego Robotics and Coding classes in 2023 Summer Camp and 2023-2024 fall semester.

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Inspiration Masters

Inspiration Masters provides Public Speaking and Leadershop classes in 2023 Summer Camp.

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Aug 9 PISD and FISD First Day of School
Aug 10 AISD First Day of School
Aug 13 Fall Sunday School Starts
Sep 1 FISD No School
Sep 4 QD Closed--Labor Day
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Oct 6 and 9 FISD No School
Oct 9-13 PISD and FISD Fall Break
Oct 31 Halloweeen Celebration
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